If you’re planning to immigrate to Canada, or simply need a temporary work permit, we can help. At Russ Weninger Immigration Law we focus on immigration. We handle most Canadian immigration matters, such as skilled worker immigration, work permits, sponsorship via family/spouse/common law partner, provincial nominee program immigration, as well as immigration through the Canadian Experience class. We can also help people obtain study permits and temporary resident visas.


Why You Should Use Us

Immigrating to Canada, or even just getting a temporary visa, is often a complicated process that you want to make sure you do correctly the first time. It’s best to leave your application in the hands of a Canadian immigration lawyer that has the legal training and experience to properly prepare your application and ensure you the best chance of success.

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Skilled Workers

The point system measures six factors related to the applicant and assigns a score to each factor. If the applicant’s total score meets the pass mark then they potentially qualify for immigration to Canada under the Skilled Worker category.

Work Permits

A foreign individual (i.e., one who is not a Canadian permanent resident or citizen) who intends to work in Canada is typically required to possess a work permit or other authorization to legally do so.


Canadian citizens and permanent residents may qualify to sponsor spouses, common-law partners, minor children (in some cases), parents, and grandparents for permanent residence.