Russ Weninger Immigration Law can help non-Canadians who are interested in securing a Canada work permit to work in Canada.

Canadian work permit applications can be done at a visa office in the foreign worker’s home country, or at a Canadian port of entry, which is usually an airport. It’s important for the applicant to locate a place of employment in Canada before filling out application forms. The place of employment typically needs to be approved by Service Canada prior to the issuance of a work permit by Canadian immigration authorities.

Securing a Job in Canada

People who want to obtain a Canadian work permit usually must secure jobs before applying. It’s important to note that looking for a job is not a part of our immigration services. We only offer assistance in obtaining work permits for applicants who already have an employment offer from a potential employer in Canada.

Regular Process of Application for Canada Work Permit

Before applying for work permits to work in Canada, it is standard procedure that applicants must receive approval from Service Canada. Employers are required to demonstrate that they have made unsuccessful efforts to look for Canadian citizens or permanent residents to fill their workforce, such as by placing online and newspaper ads.

However, the standard process may not be followed if the job applied for is identified as an occupation under pressure. This means that the occupation is considered to have a skills shortage and Canada is willing to have foreign workers work in the identified occupation.

Work Permits That May Not Require Service Canada Approval

There may be applications for work permits in which approval from Service Canada is not required, such as the applications of entrepreneurs, intra-company transferees, foreign students who finished their study in Canada, spouses of skilled workers who already have work permits, and individuals considered to bring certain benefits to Canada.

The application process for obtaining a work permit can be very complex.

Getting the help of Russ Weninger Immigration Law in preparing your application will give you a better chance of obtaining a Canada work permit. Call 403-265-4496 now for a free assessment of your immigration case.