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The Skilled Worker program is a special program created for people who have special skills, a high level of education, and work experience.

Requirements for Skilled Worker Canada

Besides having a high level of training and experience, applicants must also complete a language test for the purpose of determining whether they can appropriately communicate with people in the work area and integrate into the community. Applicants must be able to speak either French or English. Factors that immigration officers consider in a skilled worker application are age, work experience, level of education, prearranged employment, and the ability to adapt to life in Canada.

Importance of Prearranged Employment

In most cases, applicants under the skilled worker category need to show that they have a prearranged employment offer from an employer in Canada. Applicants need to have paperwork from their prospective employers stating that they will be given jobs in Canada. It’s important to note, however, that having a prearranged employment offer is not enough to ensure approval of an application for immigration. Other requirements still need to be met.

Common Reasons for Denial of an Application for Immigration

Skilled worker applications are often denied due to the improper or inadequate completion of forms, or due to the inadequate provision of requested documents. In other cases, applicants apply under immigration categories for which they are completely unqualified.

Hiring an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer will help ensure that an applicant won’t face these problems when applying under the federal skilled worker stream.

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